The UFO Files

The UFO Files
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The UFO Mystery: Flying Saucers and Alien Encounters 

From the archives of Fortean Times, the world’s foremost journal of strange phenomena, comes a new collection exploring the world of UFOs and close encounters.

In June 1947 US pilot Kenneth Arnold observed some strange craft flying over Washington State and told reporters what he’d seen: the newspapers coined the phrase "flying saucers" and the UFO age was born. Nearly 80 years later, unidentified flying objects are still being reported from all around the world – but just what are people witnessing? This collection of classic UFO cases, from Roswell to Rendlesham, investigates claims of crashed saucers and government cover-ups, looks at the evidence for encounters with extraterrestrial beings, reveals some notorious hoaxes and asks if UFOS pose a threat to our security and well-being. Plus, updates and analysis from veteran Ufologists Jenny Randles and Nigel Watson.

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