Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghosts & Hauntings
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From the archives of FORTEAN TIMES, the world’s foremost journal of strange phenomena, comes a new collection exploring the world of ghosts, poltergeists and haunted houses.

The perfect collection for would-be ghost hunters, this special edition from Fortean Times investigates classic cases past and present – from haunted hotels, theatres, pubs and even record shops to spooky encounters with phantom hitchhikers and a doughnut-eating poltergeist! Join us on a terrifying trawl through cases old and new as we investigate "the most haunted house in England", examine the real-life ghost story that inspired The Turn of the Screw and explore such bizarre topics as Victorian ghost impersonators and Norwegian harbinger spirits. Plus, our resident ghost expert Alan Murdie provides updates and commentary on the articles to help readers separate spectral fact from spooky fiction and offers his own tips for successful ghost hunting.